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Mindball Trainer is a training device for learning how to improve your ability to relax and focus. Mindball Trainer will help you to perform better in sports, in school, at work - in life.

Mindball Trainer is contained in a neatly designed case. On the top of the case a ball is moving during the session. The user wears a headband with electrodes which is connected to the case.

The electrodes are wired up to a biosensor system. The system that is used to measure the body's biological signals registers the electrical activity in the brain - so called EEG (Electroencephalogram is an electrical waveform that is recorded from the brain by using electrodes placed on the head).

The goal is to be as relaxed and focused as possible and thus moving the ball away from you into its goal on the short end of the box.

The user can follow his/her mental process during a session as the brain activity is presented graphically if a monitor is attached.

Designed & built in Sweden