Display of Brainwaves

Equipped with a VGA output, Mindball can be connected to a monitor, TV or projector to display the players’ Alpha and Theta brainwaves in realtime during the game enabling the audience to follow the players' mental processes during the game.


Glass Plate

At the center of each Mindball, a glass plate marks the center of the table as well as each player’s goal and allows the Mindball ball to travel between players (away from the most relaxed and focused player).

plug play

100% Plug & Play

Mindball is extremely easy to setup, installation can be done by almost anyone in less than 20 minutes making the game ideal for roadshows, tradeshows, outreach programs, special events, birthday parties, etc.



Mindball is offered in Natural Color System blue or green as well as custom colors upon demand. The Mindball table top and screens are fully customizable, thus enabling the game to be branded to corporate or exhibit theme colors.

team play

Team Play

The MultiPlayer, consisting of two electonic adaptors and six headbands, is a team building accessory that enables Mindball to be played 3 against 3. Using a multiplayer on one side of the Mindball and a single headband on the other allows 1 against 3 play.