remind mirror product

remind mirror

Standing before the ReMind Mirror (video mirror), you see yourself as you were 3 seconds ago. The feed is continuous, without break, so a twirl, a pose, a quick dance is always delayed in time. Three seconds is the magical pause when we stop thinking of the present and think of something happening in the past.  

So when you look at yourself in the ReMind Mirror, it is almost like looking at someone else - a digital doppelganger. They look like you, move like you, dress like you but they are doing what you did a few moments ago. This is no ordinary mirror, your reflection is out of time, what you see is what you were. It is as simple as it is fascinating.

Whether you are a science center searching for a new interactive exhibit or a major fashion retail brand interested in offering customers a unique experience when shopping, the ReMind Mirror is the device you need.

Should you use two ReMind Mirrors mounted beside each other, you can cross connect the camera from one unit to the PC in the other unit and vice versa. This configuration gives an even more interesting experience; the picture is still delayed but you also see your friend’s picture in your own mirror and your own in the mirror of your friend’s. How strange!   

Designed & built in Sweden