Soundboard top pic short 2

SB Standard dégradé violon JPEGSOUNDBOARD

The "Soundboard" is named after the truly crucial vibrating part of certain musical instruments. The JMC Soundboard is a loudspeaker with a resonance spruce membrane built using lutherie techniques. The result is aesthetically pleasing with an airily-mounted, slightly curving square-shaped membrane. The sound is amazingly accurate, warm and brilliant, pervading the entire open space due to the fact that its wave is not of the focal type, but is instead omnidirectional. Thus, whether a home if an open-plan, two-floor building or U-shaped, the music can be heard and felt throughout. The verb "feel" is entirely justified for this musical sensation akin to that experienced in attending a concert. Since the music is literally "played" on an authentic musical instrument, the perception of the instruments and voices gives hearers the impression that the musicians are actually in the same room, or a sense of being whisked off to the place where the concert is being performed. This is true with any type of music, of which a single stereophonic Soundboard is able to convey the three dimensional nature of music.

Designed & built in Switzerland